The Secret in a Kiss

A kiss

Is like a secret

shared between lips

hidden between the tips

Of tongues twisting together

A first kiss

Is a secret

In its awkwardness

and the lovely surprise

You find in another’s eyes

The glow

that shows

That there will be more

of that first kiss

Seconds and thirds till you lose count

The kiss begins

Not when lips touch

It starts

From the warmth in your belly,

The tingling in your toes,

The flying sparks

between your faces

as you come close

Leaving behind traces

of the afterglow

A kiss

Is a secret

Known to only you and me

Found in the whispers and glances

of once upon a time chances

Now turned into fate’s dances

Each time we kiss.


(Inspired by the video showing a first kiss between strangers (I’ve watched it about 4 times :D). Search “First Kiss” by Tatia Pllieva on YouTube )

I Try

I try

not to cry

I try

not to choke

But the feelings I feel

are no simple joke

Thoughts of you

set my heart racing

The sound of your voice

gets me pacing

The time seems so short

The distance not too far

But my heart doesn’t know that

A breath away from me

is still not near enough

I try

not to cry

When I think

Of how long it’s been

I try

Not to sink

Into the deep end of missing you

But a day away from you

Is like a day without a part of me

Time passes so slowly

when we’re apart you see

One of life’s unsolved mysteries

You’re There

and I’m Here

I try,

Not to cry


Not to miss you

Not too much.

The Dark

I used to be afraid of the dark.

Not anymore.

I love the way it envelopes me like in a long-lost lover’s embrace.

It covers my imperfections, my foolish mistakes, it covers my shame. It does not judge me.

The darkness is my confidante, my partner in crime, my best friend.

In the dark I’m safe. Hidden from accusing stares, pointing fingers, judging whispers

Here I’m free to be

In the darkness my emotions run free.


The darkness is my haven 

Two-way Mirror

You’re a reflection of me

I see me in you, you in me

On opposite sides, facing each other

Seeing but not seeing

Touching yet not touching

Our breathing mirrored by each other

Our hearts beating in time

Right beside you yet so far away

I see myself, I see you

I reach out to touch the glass

It divides us

I touch

And I’m touching me.


If You Only Believe

What do you do when you’re the only one who believes in something? It could be a dream or vision you have, which in your innermost being you hold with conviction that it is God’s purpose for your life. That once you embark on the journey that will lead to its accomplishment, God will guide you and help you achieve that dream.

Sometimes though, all the people around you, those you hold dear, your family and closest, most trusted friends might not believe in your dream. It can be disheartening to say the least. And you will be faced with the struggle between listening to the voices of these people you trust so much and following your heart, following what your instincts tell you. If you are not strong enough to hold on to this conviction, you risk losing faith in your own purpose and succumbing to the doubts created by the cacophony of these naysayers. It is at this time when you are faced with so much doubt that you must seek God’s guidance, seek His direction, ask Him to grant you the strength to follow through with the purpose He has for your life.

It is never easy. And there are so many people who give up at the slightest sign that no one supports them in their vision/dream. But you must trust that God will not give you a task you cannot perform. Once you have faith in Him, He will equip you with strength and everything else you will need to follow through with your dreams. Believe in yourself and believe in God and watch Him do amazing things in your life.